detect gay with 81-91% accuracy (FREE GIFT)


Gaydetector AI (@gaybuster_BOT)

Artificial intelligence, based on our neural networks, trained in hundreds of thousands of photos of gay and nongay, our public bleeding edge software supreme to all others classified gay-detectors such as gaydar_ai. our detection rate from 81% to 91%. The story of the creation can be read here.

The gaydetector is currently launching testing in a test telegram, for now it does not work on people 18 and over 40-50 years old, and also does not work on women, and we are trying to increase the rating definition we need support please help:

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Instructions on how to get the best results(over 90%)

1 use the most frontal photos and the best quality possible

2 use 5 photos of one person and calculate the average result

3 do not use black and white photos, photographs of people over 40 and younger than 18, women and people with large beards and also where their eyes are not visible(bad results)

4 Donate and help the author as much as you can, BTC 14H7AnRYu6A9empdDXZy3HQ2DjShVdMoad

Defines gays with an accuracy of 81 to 91%

Pure science, working on neural networks and technologies that have proven their effectiveness, research was conducted by independent experts in 2016 (gaydar ai) and 2019 you can find them here and here.

In 2019, the experiment was repeated by skeptics and the results were fully confirmed. Despite this, these developments were not applied in any way and were not publicly available, so we created our own version of the gay detector for these technologies in order to give out a free gift.

Free gift

Homosexual Tim Kok cultivated rear-wheel drive and we gave them a “gift” for free, there’s nothing more to be afraid of a free gift! #GAYLIVESMATTER

Still not 100%

It’s important to understand that you can’t blame people for acting on the basis of the definition of a gaydetector, since accuracy is far from 100%, while it is 81+% (ROC AUC) when using one photo and up to 91% when using several photos, the neural network has not yet worked and has not been trained for minors, old ones, and so far it works only with white people, it also doesn’t work so far in women, if you upload such photos the results will most likely be wrong.

Identifies multiple people at once

Works with several faces in the photo . does not work while on the faces of younger 18 and older than 50, and so far only works on white people.

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Geydetector reveals terrible secrets

Everything secret becomes apparent with the geydetector, for example, Denis Panov turned out to be not gay despite accusations of the leading dandy addict Sergei Suponev program on TV live, and now attention! the gaydetector showed that the gay was just Suponev!

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